Our Beliefs

When investigating a church or searching for a church home, the Lutheran Church of Our Savior believes it is imperative to know what that church believes about God, salvation, and everlasting life. Therefore, so that you know what we believe about these very important issues, we have it here for all to read:

We are a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and we fully subscribe to the Old and New Testaments as being the Inspired, Infallible, and Inerrant Word of God in its entirety. We consider the Word of God to be the single rule and norm for faith in this life.

We believe that there is only one God, and that the one and only God has revealed Himself as One God in three persons – the persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that this is the only God to be worshipped, praised, and believed on. We believe these Scriptures speak about the Triune nature of God.

God is one and there is only one God [Deuteronomy 6:4, Isaiah 44:6, 8, 45:5a]

The Father is God [1 st Corinthians 8:6; Ephesians 4:4-6]

The Son is God [John 1:1-5,14, John 10:30-33. Colossians 1:19, 2:9]

The Holy Spirit is God [Acts 5:3-4, 2 nd Corinthians 3:17]

With these Scriptures in mind, we fully believe that there is only one God, not three gods, and this one God has revealed Himself as one God in three persons – the three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We fully subscribe to the three apostolic creeds of the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed.

We believe that all people are born into sin and are in need of salvation. [Romans 3:11-18, 23, Psalm 51:5]

We believe that Jesus Christ came to this earth, lived a sinless life, and then took the sins of the world upon Himself and bore the penalty for our sins to make us right with God. [Luke 1 and 2, Hebrews 4:15, Romans 3:25, 1 st John 2:2, 4:10]

We believe that only those people who repent of their sins and believe in their heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died on the cross, and rose again on the 3 rd day will be forgiven their sins and be made right with God. [Romans 10:9-10, Acts 4:12, John 14:6, Acts 2:38, 1 st John 1:8-9]

We believe that God’s salvation is a free gift given to all who believe, and that this salvation is not given to us by good deeds or anything that we can do. [Ephesians 2:8-9, 2 nd Timothy 1:9]

Again, we believe that this salvation can only come through personal faith in Jesus Christ. [Romans 3:22-25, John 3:16, Mark 16:16, Acts 4:12, John 14:1-6, 20:31]

We believe that all who believe in Jesus Christ will receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit, who guides us into all Biblical truth, convicts us of our sins, and leads us into faith and a holiness of life. [Acts 2:38, 1 st Corinthians 12:3, 2 nd Corinthians 1:22, 2 nd Thessalonians 2:3, John 14 and 16]

We believe that eternal life will be given to all who believe in Jesus Christ, and that the believer will live forever with God. [Revelation 21, John 3:16, John 6:47]

This is a basic overview of what we as a church body believe about God, salvation, and eternal life. Of course there is much more to the Christian faith then what is presented here, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact anyone at the church through the e-mail accounts listed on this website, or of course you can call us at any time with the phone numbers on the website.

We welcome you to worship with us at Our Savior! If you are searching for a church home, or if you are searching for a personal relationship with God, or if you simply have questions, please know that we are a church body of people who will love you, answer your questions, and welcome you home.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you,

~Pastor Chris Ogne